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Assessing Downside Equity Risk - A Tale of Two Decades

The variability of long-term risk is particularly important to understand today. The current bull market, which has been accompanied by a particularly low level of downside risk, has been one of the longest in history, recently passing the ten-year mark. However, the extent of equity risk can vary considerably, and investors need to look beyond the last decade—perhaps over the last 20 years—to get a more realistic picture of what they might expect going forward.

The Genesis of Target Outcome Investing

Learn how Target Outcome Investments are designed to deliver specific outcomes with a high degree of certainty.

How Option-Based Funds Can Provide Certainty During Market Uncertainty

Learn how options help provide protection from changes in the market.

Targeting Income and Protection With Dividend Aristocrats

Learn how a new S&P Dividend Aristocrats strategy seeks to add a level of targeted income to dividend grower stocks with Cboe Vest’s Karan Sood and S&P Dow Jones Indices’ Shaun Wurzbach and Vinit Srivastava.

Income-With-Growth Solution: Converting Future Dividend Growth Into Current Income

The challenge faced by fixed income securities has left a gaping hole in the income portion of income-with-growth investment portfolios. Increasingly, investors are bridging that gap by turning to dividend paying stocks to deliver the level of current income they require. In this paper, we examine a unique index solution that seeks to generate current income from both dividends and the price appreciation of stocks.

Remodeling Portfolios to Shift Growth to Income

Just like homes can be remodeled to meet the evolving needs of homeowners, Investment portfolios can also be “remodeled” to better match investment goals such as higher income, growth or lower risk. Options are among the best portfolio remodeling tools; they can be utilized to achieve a target level of income and risk without disturbing other parts of the portfolio. Options allow an investor to buy (call) or sell (put) a security at a predetermined price (strike price) on or before a specific date (exercise date).

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